Shahin Gharakhanian MD Consulting LLC ANNUAL 2023 REPORT

Selected 2023 projects and workflows (alphabetically ordered):

BIOPHTA (Paris, France).

US Executive Advisor. BIOPHTA aims to radically change eye treatments for various ophtalmological diseases that require daily eye drops or repeated intraocular injections. BIOPHTA technology of drug delivery improve treatment efficacy by leveraging a micro dosing pharmaceutical form to the eye.

7th BOSTON / BOSTON PARIS BIOTECHNOLOGY SUMMITâ„¢, held 4 JUNE 2023, International Bio Convention week, Boston MA [].Summit Mission: An exclusive, Trans-Atlantic bridge designed to foster innovative synergies between biotech and pharma companies, healthcare-focused cities, and regional clusters, institutional, philanthropic and strategic investors. The Summit’s intent is to spark projects, their financings and strategic deals to solve unmet medical needs to improve patient lives globally.

DECOY Therapeutics, (Cambridge MA, USA).

Shahin Gharakhanian is Chief Medical Officer & Chair, Scientific Advisory Board.

Decoy Tx platform called is Powered by an Artificial Intelligence/Machin Learning Engine, in order to rapidly identify helical motifs within viral metagenomic data and designs peptides that preemptively bind to a conserved region of the viral spike protein, disrupting the fusion process essential for infection at the very point of entry. These engineered peptides are broadly active against multiple related viruses, providing pan-viral family coverage. IMP3ACT builds on current trends in fast peptide synthesis, extending the process to encompass the entire conjugate, compressing the design and manufacture into days or even hours, dramatically shortening drug development timelines and costs.

PROLIANT Health & Biologicals, (Ankeny, IA, USA).

Scientific Advisor for a Covid-19 treatment Clinical Trial.

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