1st Boston Paris Biotechnology Summit™, 18 May 2017

The mission of the 1st Boston Paris Biotechnology Summit™ was to act as a novel catalyst to provide facilitative leadership for talents in both cities and thus foster energies and synergies, spark new projects and generate funding opportunities.

This successful summit was held on 18 May 2017, 8hr-19hr, in the historic Amphitheatre Duclaux at Institut Pasteur in Paris, France. This event was an initiative by and for professionals that was co-founded by Dr Shahin Gharakhanian. Close to 300 professionals registered for the event, and included executives and CEOs, R&D, BD and other Life Sciences Directors from the biotechnology industry, directors from pharmaceutical firms, academic experts and opinion leaders, institutional representatives, and investors and actors from financial platforms, consultancies, the legal and regulatory affairs fields and the French media. Attendees from the core cities of Boston and Paris were in the majority, but participants also came from Brussels, major French cities (Lyon, Montpellier, Marseille, and Toulouse), London, Montreal and New York.

The content was designed with input from a Program Advisory Board comprising equal numbers of leaders and experts from Boston/Cambridge and Paris following a needs assessment and pre-test with Paris-based companies. The Faculty was made up of two session chairpersons, three moderators and ten speakers. The Program followed three themes/tracks: (1) Innovation and Strategy, (2) Funding Strategy and (3) Implementing Strategy, with a closing keynote review to bring it all together.

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