A Day of Entrepreneurship & Science To Drive Therapeutic Progress

Shahin Gharakhanian MD Consulting LLC is pleased to announce, in the capacity as Chairman & Co-founder, the 2nd Boston ● Paris Biotechnology Summit® @ Boston Exchange Conference Center, 3 JUNE 2018 –  A Day of Entrepreneurship & Science To Drive Therapeutic Progress

Research, Development, obtaining Regulatory Approval and Launching a new drug or biological is an International Team Sport! We are now at the turning point of therapeutic and technological breakthroughs that will transform lives. It will take an international community of professionals to achieve the global goals that can respond to unmet medical needs.

In 2017, we co-founded a new initiative, a new dynamic, called the Boston/Paris Biotechnology Summit. It aims to build an exclusive, trans-Atlantic bridge which can foster innovative synergies between biotech and pharma companies, healthcare-focused cities, regional clusters and institutional, philanthropic and strategic investors. Our Summit meetings are therefore designed to spark projects or funding and strategic deals that could solve unmet medical needs and improve patient lives at a global level. The aim of professionals in the Biotech space is to bring new treatments to the patients we serve through Research & Development. That is why the theme of our 2018 Summit is “From the Promise of Raising Capital to the Reality of Clinical Trials”. Its purpose is to engage a day-long conversation that involves Entrepreneurs, Academic Experts, CEOs, Investors and R&D professionals which goes beyond the raising of capital and extends into the realm of clinical trials, regulatory affairs and international collaboration. The outstanding success of R&D in recent years, which has achieved advances such as DAAs (Direct-Acting Antivirals) to cure/eradicate chronic Hepatitis C, the advent of almost 30 new drugs that can control HIV infection and transform it into a chronic manageable disease (with a cure glimmering on the horizon), outstanding progress in cystic fibrosis and numerous rare genetic diseases are all indicative of the power of such targeted collaborative efforts.


Information/Registration: Website: http://www.bostonbiotechnologysummit.com/


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