Presentation @ 4th International Vaccine R&D Conference, Baltimore MD, Nov. 2018

In a scientific collaboration with Dr Armelle Cuvillier, Chair & CSO of B-Cell Design, a dynamic biotech company based in Limoges, France, we have presented R&D program results, for the first time, at the 4th International Vaccine R&D Conference, Baltimore MD, 14 November (validated animal model, human cohort study). This program was carried out with the University of Strasbourg and in collaboration with Sanofi Pasteur. We demonstrate that microbiota-based antigens can induce neutralizing antibodies capable of cross-reacting with HIV and a novel approach to HIV preventive vaccination. This presentation(*) was well received by our peers in attendance from academia, industry and the National Institutes of Health.

(*) A vaginal microbiome antigen capable of inducing a mucosal neutralizing protective response against HIV infection: a novel HIV Vaccine approach? 4th International Conference on Vaccines R&D, Baltimore MD, Day 2–Track A–Session#14:50.


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