Shahin Gharakhanian MD Consulting LLC, 2022 Mid-Year Report:

Selected Projects listed in alphabetical order:

[ACTICOR-BIOTECH, Paris, France]

  • US Medical Executive for Acticor Biotech
  • Developing Glenzocimab, a humanized monoclonal antibody fragment directed against platelets glycoprotein VI (GPVI). Primary Indication = Stroke.
  • ACTISAVE phase II/III Study [(NCT05070260] ongoing.
  • Please refer to :

[DECOY Therapeutics, Cambridge MA, USA]

[DEINOVE, Montpellier, France]

  • Executive Medical Consultant.
  • Phase II: Canada-US clinical  trial assessing DNV3837: a novel GI tract-targeted parenteral treatment for Clostridioides difficile infections.
  • Please refer to :


  • Scientific Advisor.
  • Clinical Trial for mild to moderate Covid-19 Infection.
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