The 5th International Conference on Vaccine Research & Development

For the first time in the US, a joint presentation as an invited speaker (ref. below) @ the forthcoming 5th International Conference on Vaccine Research & Development (Boston/Newton, November 2019). This will focus on the clinical development program being initiated by PAR’IMMUNE [Biotech start-up: CEO Dr A. Lachgar, HQ in Lille, France] that heralds a novel approach to Chronic Inflammatory Diseases.

Our presentation forms part of a scientific collaboration program that has been ongoing for two years within this LLC, as a complementary effort, to support biotechnology start-ups. 

P28GST, a Schistosome-derived Vaccine as a Novel Therapeutic Agent for Chronic Inflammatory Diseases

Abderrahim Lachgar1, Shahin Gharakhanian2*, Monique Capron3.

1PARIMMUNE, Lille, France.2Drug & Vaccine Development, SG MD Consulting LLC, CIC: Cambridge Innovation Center, Cambridge MA, USA (*presenter)3INSERM U547/Lille University & Pasteur Institute, Lille, France.

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