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[Sept 2021] Presentation @ Vaccine (Virtual) Summit 2021

Prevention of Covid-19 Transmission Beyond the Needle: DCOY101, a novel antiviral fusion peptide-based prophylactic nasal spray. Barbara Hibner*, Peter Marschel*, Frederick E. Pierce II*, Shahin Gharakhanian** *Research & Development Program Team, **Scientific Advisory Board, DECOY Therapeutics, CAMBRIDGE MA, USA. [Contact:...

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Stroke is the Second Cause of Mortality Worldwide: ACTICOR-BIOTECH Expands ACTIMIS Stroke Study to the UNITED STATES — Shahin Gharakhanian MD Consulting LLC Leads Nationwide Project from Cambridge MA

Cambridge MA, 02.03.2020. Stroke is listed as the 2nd cause of mortality worldwide according to the World Health Organization. ACTICOR-BIOTECH [CEO: Dr Gilles AVENARD], a leading, fully-funded, PARIS-based, biotechnology company is assessing its novel agent ACT017 as an add on therapy to Standard of Care in AIS: Acute Ischemic Stroke. This year Acticor-Biotech...

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